It's difficult to argue with the impact of a movie that you're still quoting nearly 20 years after its release. It's a little easier to argue against two grown men in powdered blue and neon orange suits, if it wasn't undeniably endearing in this case. What would a high school prom in the last couple decades have been without a couple Dumb and Dumber homages, after all?

The dynamic duo is also responsible for the inevitable "Mockingbird" rendition during every road trip, not to mention influencing the default dialogue during every Big Gulps purchase in the last 18 years.

Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas -- where would we be without you? Admittedly, it'd be easy to turn up my nose at this type of movie. I could claim something about being an adult and roll my eyes at the crude humor and ridiculous gags littering the landscape of the entire plot line. I could also chalk it up to nostalgia and claim "I used to think it was funny back in the day." However, that would be a blatant lie -- and you'd have me figured out the minute I crack a smile at a well-placed quote about extra gloves and the Rocky Mountains.

And that's the beauty of Dumb and Dumber -- it's ridiculous, it's juvenile and, somehow, it's utterly timeless.

And even better: it's coming back.

The recent announcement that a long-awaited sequel is in the making was met with unashamed enthusiasm by long-time fans of the original. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will both be back for this installment, along with the Farrelly brothers at the helm. Please excuse me while I pull on a favorite cardigan and throw a salt shaker over my shoulder in celebration.

The writers and actors are aware, no doubt, of the expectation placed on this film after a) the success of the first film, and b) the monstrosity of the prequel-that-shall-not-be-named. (Seriously what was that movie? Thankfully it was created by a third party that isn't involved in this go-round.)

So what do we have to look forward to this time around? Well I can think of a few things I'd like to know about Harry and Lloyd, nearly two decades down the road:

1. Relationship status. Did they find love? Did they fall for the same girl again? If Lloyd found himself a lady, does he dramatically sing "Goodbye my love" every time they part ways? Shhh. Just go.

2. Hobbies. I feel fully confident that Lloyd continued to dabble in feathered taxidermy, though his unconventional use of duct tape might keep him from pursuing it professionally. In Harry's case, I think he had some real potential on the ski slopes. He might even own his own skis. Both of them.

3. Mode of transportation. All I can say is, I hope an entire fleet of scooters is the answer to this question. Either that or a dog fur-trimmed, custom RV (possibly nicknamed "Samsonite") in which they are roaming the countryside.

4. Employment. Something tells me they didn't make it back into the pet grooming or limo-driving businesses. And they probably never got another chance to travel with a busload of bikini-clad models. They might have had a fighting chance at advocating for endangered owl species if it weren't for a certain unfortunate incident. Who are we kidding? Neither of them will have jobs. Even as middle-aged adults, who wants to work 40 hours a week?

The questions abound and my expectations are high for the impending cinematic release. What do you think? What will be happening in the lives of Lloyd and Harry this time around?

Also... Big Gulps huh? All right. Well...
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