The holiday hit "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" finally arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this week, and we've got an exclusive look at the making of Tom Cruise's jaw-dropping stunt on top of the world's tallest building. If you're more into cute animals than espionage and explosions, then you'll be interested in a special look at Warner Bros.' crowd-pleasing nature doc "Born to Be Wild."

Whether you're DVD or Blu-ray, streaming or rental, Moviefone has the full breakdown on all the home entertainment releases this week.

MOVIEFONE'S PICK OF THE WEEK"Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol"What's It About? Ethan Hunt and his IMF team are framed for a crime they didn't commit, plotted by a Russian madman with nuclear capabilities. But really, it's just a set-up to some exhilarating, inventive action sequences -- including that heart-stopper on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. See It Because: At this point in the series, are you still on the fence about "Mission: Impossible"? It's one of the few continuously satisfying blockbuster franchises in Hollywood.

Watch an Exclusive Clip from "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol"

Also Available on Redbox DVD & Blu-ray | Amazon Instant Video

NEW ON DVD & BLU-RAY"Born to Be Wild"What's It About?After you've done your part this Earth Day weekend, kick back with a heartwarming nature documentary concerning humanitarian efforts to raise orphaned orangutans and elephants. See It or Skip It: See it.
Watch an Exclusive Clip from "Born to Be Wild"

"Shame"What's It About?You're only renting it because Michael Fassbender gets naked, but you'll be surprised to see a heavy and revealing drama about a man enslaved to his sex addiction. See It or Skip It: See it. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

"7 Below"What's It About?Val Kilmer's got to stop doing these kinds of movies. See It or Skip It: Skip it. Also Available on Redbox

"The Divide"What's It About?This low-rent sci-fi thriller makes us long for the days of "Skyline" and "The Darkest Hour." See It or Skip It: Skip it. Also Available on Redbox

"The Last Rites of Joe May"What's It About?The "old hustler going for one last job" story has been done to death, but if you've got a soft spot for "Law and Order" mainstay/venerable character actor Dennis Farina like we do, you'll enjoy what he does with the classic story. See It or Skip It: See it. Also Available on Amazon Instant Video

NEW ON REDBOX"The Sitter" (DVD & Blu-ray)

"Hop" (DVD & Blu-ray )

NEW ON AMAZON INSTANT VIDEOTribeca Film Fest Previews:"Death of a Superhero"

"The Flaw"

"The Giant Mechanical Man"

Also New on AIV:"Charlotte Rampling: The Look"

"Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist"

"Crew 2 Crew"

"Nobody's Perfect"

NEW TO BLU-RAY "Alambrista!" (Criterion Collection)

"Late Spring" (Criterion Collection)

Abbott & Costello's "Buck Privates"

"Halloween: Resurrection"

"High Road to China"

"In Too Deep"

"The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby"

"Operation Condor 2"

Robert Rodriguez's "Road Racers" (Director's Cut)
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