How will you make a difference this Earth Day? The environmentally conscious holiday is all about doing your part to make the planet better for creatures great and small, and one of the best ways you can learn about the variety of cute animals that inhabit this big blue rock (even if you're not a biology major) is through the world of documentary film.

This Earth Day weekend, you have multiple documentary options to help you gain a better appreciation of adorable wildlife. Disneynature will be releasing "Chimpanzee," chronicling the story of Oscar the chimp, and Warner Bros. will be releasing "To The Arctic," about a mother polar bear raising twin cubs.

From these new releases to beloved classics like "March of the Penguins," there's been a zoo-full of cute animals spotlighted in the world of documentaries, and Moviefone has put together a special gallery of all of them. Enjoy!

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Deep in an African forest lives a family of chimpanzees, including a baby named Oscar. Displaying the... Read More

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