It's a big week for the Big Apple. The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off today, and tomorrow marks the 35th anniversary of one of the greatest New York love stories ever: "Annie Hall."

So, your dutiful Moviefone editor and Woody Allen-worshiper (me), took to the streets in search of cineastes from uptown and downtown to find out New York's favorite New York film.

We decided, as an homage to the la-di-da film, to poll passersby in four of the movie's landmark locations: The South Street Seaport (the bridge scene), The Beekman Theater ("Sorrow and the Pity" scene), Central Park (Truman Capote look-a-like contest) and 63rd and Columbus (end scene).

The results were -- you guessed it -- varied!

Some were ridiculous -- one New Yorker told me her favorite was "anything with Liam Neeson" (what?), and another told me "About a Boy" (which takes place in London) -- but a victor emerged. Well, two, actually: "Manhattan" and "Sex and the City." (Woody and Carrie. Only in New York.)

Take a look at all the results below -- seems like old times, indeed!

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