TIME magazine just released its annual 100 Most Influential People list, which, in addition to bigwig politicos, pop stars and sports sensations, features a fair share of actors.

Among the stars dubbed "Most Influential" were Oscar nominees Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain, Oscar winner Tilda Swinton and "Homeland" star Claire Danes. The feature also included profiles on each of the honorees.

Cicely Tyson, who had a small role in "The Help," wrote about Davis: "I was privileged to work on this film and humbled that Viola believes my career has been a benchmark for hers... She affords me great hope for the future."

Judd Apatow raved about Wiig, whose "Bridesmaids" proved once and for all that women are funny: "I remember seeing Kristen Wiig on her first episode of 'Saturday Night Live.' I don't remember the sketch, I just remember her. She was so confident and funny right out of the gate. You would have thought she had been on the show for years."

Interestingly, no male actors made the list, proving another serious snub to shoulda-been Sexiest Man of the Year, Ryan Gosling, whose real-life heroics, photoshopped abs and dozens of "Hey girl" tumblrs didn't rank as influential.

However, there were a few fellas in the entertainment industry who made the cut: studio head and uber-producer Harvey Weinstein, "Today" show co-host Matt Lauer (profiled by Howard Stern, of all people) and Stephen Colbert.

Click over to Time for the full list.

[via Time]
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