Different weekend, same question: Will "The Hunger Games" get the number-one spot? Considering the crop of films coming out over the next few days, it could really go either way. (Cue cries from Katniss fans worldwide.)

With Earth Day right around the corner (4/22), animal lovers and kids will head toward Disney's "Chimpanzee," while those looking for good date material may be interested in the two new rom-coms.

Let's take a look at all the new releases, and their box-office predictions, in Moviefone's Weekend Movie Preview


"Think Like a Man"

What's the story? Based on the Steve Harvey book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," this movie follows four women who become obsessed with Harvey's self-help guide, using it against their boyfriends. But when the men find out, they try to turn the tables on the ladies. Box-office prediction: Don't sleep on this rom-com: While the movie's tracking numbers aren't huge, they are big enough to overcome four-time box-office champion, "The Hunger Games." With the popularity of Steve Harvey, along with a cast that includes Gabrielle Union and Kevin Hart, expect a decent return. $22 million

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What's the story? This documentary, narrated by Tim Allen, follows an adorable chimpanzee named Oscar who gets separated from his troop. But instead of being forced to fend for himself, another family of chimps takes him in. (Aww!) Box-office prediction: Animal documentaries aren't usually big box-office draws. Even "March of the Penguins," which went on to gross $77 million, only had a $4 million opening weekend. Despite the cute animals, expect small ticket sales for "Chimpanzee." $8 million

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"The Lucky One"

What's the story? Get your tissues! Based on the Nicholas Sparks book of the same name, "The Lucky One" stars Zac Efron as Sgt. Logan Thibault. After returning home from his third tour of duty in Iraq, Thibault goes in search of a woman he doesn't know. (The Sgt. credits a photo he had of her for keeping him alive overseas). Eventually, he finds her and they fall in love. Box-office prediction: People -- mostly girls -- love Nicholas Sparks. People -- mostly girls -- love Zac Efron. Put them together, and you get a semi-decent draw at the box office. $18 million

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This weekend's second nature documentary heads to colder climates in "To the Arctic"; the life of singer/activist Bob Marley is documented in the long-awaited film, "Marley"; the vampire trend continues in "The Moth Diaries"; more animal fun can be had in Diane Keaton's "Darling Companion"; family relationships are put to the test in "The Eye of the Storm"; teenage romance is on display in "Goodbye Love"; the tales of a boy genius are depicted in "Jesus Henry Christ"; and , last but not least, there's the South American horror story, "Penumbra."
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