Friday sees the release of Nicholas Sparks's newest weep-fest, "The Lucky One." The film stars Zac Efron as an Iraq War Vet and Taylor Schilling as the mysterious-woman-from-the-photograph that helped guide Efron safely through combat.

"The Lucky One" is sure to be in good company in Spark's super depressing oeuvre, but to get you mentally prepared for the tears-to-come, we thought revisiting 2004's "The Notebook" might be a nice refresher.

One hitch: I haven't seen it. (I watched "A Walk To Remember" and used a whole roll of toilet paper to attempt to dry my perma-teary eyes.) So, accompany me on the journey that no one should experience alone: Watching "The Notebook" for the first time.

(As my esteemed colleague explained "It's like 'Titanic,' but on the land." Tissues -- ready and waiting.)

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The Notebook
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