Last weekend, "The Hunger Games" dropped out of the top spot at the box office


"The Five-Year Engagement"

What's the story? Um, a five-year engagement, duh! In this charming romantic comedy, Jason Segel and Emily Blunt play an engaged couple attempting to tie the knot. Obviously, this doesn't happen right away, as their plans for marriage continuously get delayed over and over and over again.

Box-office prediction: The rom-com "Think Like a Man" was number one at the box office last weekend, so "Engagement" will have to deal with some competition from that. However, Jason Segel has a dedicated following, and the film was produced by Judd Apatow. $17 million

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"The Raven"

What's the story? In "The Raven," John Cusack plays legendary author Edgar Allan Poe. The film imagines how the last days of Poe's life were spent (they're still a mystery to this day): chasing around a serial killer who's basing his crimes off the murders Poe has written about in his stories and poems.

Box-office prediction: Audiences aren't exactly clamoring to see an Edgar Allan Poe movie, or, for that matter, anything with John Cusack that doesn't involve the words "Say Anything 2." $9 million

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"The Pirates! Band of Misfits"

What's the story? In this animated family film, Hugh Grant plays Pirate Captain, a semi-decent pirate who looks to take out his rivals Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven) and Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek) in order to secure the coveted Pirate of the Year award.

Box-office prediction: The kids likely won't be going as Pirate Captain for Halloween. However, with "Chimpanzee" as its closest competition, "Pirates! Band of Misfits" will likely score a respectable opening weekend haul. $13 million

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What's the story? In "Safe," Jason Statham plays a mixed martial arts fighter who blows a rigged fight. As punishment, his family ends up murdered. Afterward, he comes to the aid of a young girl who's being chased by the same people who killed his family, and he soon looks to get redemption and save the girl's life.

Box-office prediction: Jason Statham has never been a huge draw at the box office (unless it's in an ensemble action movie, like "The Expendables"). Don't expect anything big from this. $7 million

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"96 Minutes" follows the story of four kids caught in the middle of a carjacking; in "Bernie," Jack Black stars in the story of a real-life Texas murder by a funeral director; "Citizen Gangster" is about a post-WWI bank robber; "The Broken Tower," written and directed by James Franco, tells the story of the late poet Hart Crane; "Area 407" follows two sisters whose flight ends up crashing; Juliette Binoche stars as a Parisian journalist in "Elles"; "The Giant Mechanical Man" features Jenna Fischer falling for a street performer; "Headhunters" is about a headhunter-turned-art thief; "Sound of My Voice" includes a documentary team following a cult; and comic-book legend Stan Lee's film, "With Great Power," airs on April 27 at 8pm on Epix.
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