Just when you thought you'd seen the kookiest rom-com out there, "The Giant Mechanical Man" ups the ante.

Newcomer Lee Kirk has played cupid with two unlikely mates: a silver-sprayed human statue and a zoo employee. The films stars Jenna Fischer as the down-on-her-luck concession worker who begins to fall for the mysterious human statue (Chris Messina) .

Topher Grace (looking more unappealing than you thought possible) and Harry Crane from "Mad Men" (Rich Sommer) round out the film.

In the newest clip from the movie, which you can watch above, Fischer opens up to Messina, but he's a little closemouthed. (Get it?)

"The Giant Mechanical Man" hits theaters this Friday.
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The Giant Mechanical Man
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A street performer (Chris Messina) and an unemployed woman (Jenna Fischer), who's under constant pressure... Read More

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