In the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises," a calm and confident Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) tells Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) that "there's a storm coming." While she may not have been talking about this summer's slate of action and sci-fi movies, the quote does lend itself well to the potential ass-kicking, heart-stopping thrills that audiences will experience at the theater over the next few months.

Although the past several summers have been a bit weak when it comes to both the science fiction and action genres, this season looks to make up for it with a heavy dose of seat-shaking, suspenseful flicks. We'll have superheroes ("The Avengers"), fairy tales brought to life ("Snow White and the Huntsman"), new action stars ("The Bourne Legacy"), old action stars ("The Expendables 2") and an "Alien" prequel a new Ridley Scott movie ("Prometheus").

Indeed, a storm is coming, and it's going to be way more entertaining for audiences than for Bruce Wayne. (Would you want to deal with Bane yourself? We didn't think so.) You can check out the full list of this summer's action and sci-films, below. Keep your eyes out this week for the rest of Moviefone's 2012 Summer Movie Preview.

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