Moviefone's Pick of the Week"Haywire"What's It About? "Ocean's 11" director Steven Soderbergh takes a shot at the action-thriller genre, telling the story of a butt-kicking black ops soldier who is double-crossed on a mission and goes on a path of revenge. See It Because: It's not anything revolutionary in terms of storytelling, but the masterful director has a lot of fun riffing on the action movie staple. What makes "Haywire" stand out is that he loads his cast with great actors like Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender and Michael Douglas. And best of all, the film's tough-as-nails lead is played by the legit MMA champion Gina Carano.

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New on DVD & Blu-ray"George Harrison: Living in the Material World"What's It About? Martin Scorsese's amazing and introspective documentary on the quiet Beatle may be the definitive account of the musician's life. See It or Skip It: See it.

"New Year's Eve"What's It About? Stars show up for a paycheck -- one corny, ham-fisted, schmatlzy, groan-inducing paycheck. Has all the depth of a Ryan Seacrest project. See It or Skip It: Skip it. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video )

"Joyful Noise"What's It About? Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah star as bickering choir directors. Over-the-top guilty pleasures like this are usually good-taste proof. See It or Skip It: Skip it. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

"W.E."What's It About? Madonna makes her directorial debut with this flowery vapid period romance between King Edward VIII and the American Wallis Simpson. Who would have thought that Madonna would do something shallow? See It or Skip It: Skip it. Also Available on Redbox | Amazon Instant Video)

New to Blu-ray"About a Boy"


"Definitely, Maybe"

"Jeremiah Johnson"

"Meet Joe Black"

"Men in Black II"

"Pillow Talk"

The Tim Burton Collection ("Beetlejuice" / "Batman" / "Mars Attacks!" / "Batman Returns" / "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" / "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" / "Corpse Bride")

New on Redbox"The Innkeepers"


"We Bought a Zoo"DVD & Blu-ray
W.E. Movie Poster
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Dissatisfied with the way her own life is playing out, New York-based Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish)... Read More

George Harrison: Living in the Material World Movie Poster
George Harrison: Living in the Material World
In Theaters on 2011

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese examines the life of musician George Harrison, weaving together interviews,... Read More

Haywire Movie Poster
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Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is a highly trained operative for a government security contractor. Her missions... Read More

New Year's Eve Movie Poster
New Year's Eve
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Joyful Noise Movie Poster
Joyful Noise
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