When you spend years working on a movie -- from writing the script, to filming scene after scene, to sitting for hours in an editing suite trying to perfect the final product -- it's inevitable that some things will get overlooked. In the past, we've pointed this out through our series of movie mistakes. However, sometimes directors forget about more than just a misplaced prop. Sometimes, it's a huge, gaping plot hole that slips through the cracks.

This weekend, the superhero epic "The Avengers" hits theaters nationwide. While the movie more than lives up to the hype, there are, as with any film, a few minor plot holes. For instance, when (SPOILER ALERT) Thor and Iron Man are fighting in the woods, bad guy Loki is just off in the distance. So why doesn't he run away while the two heroes are busy arguing? (Yes, Loki is trying to get caught to make sure Bruce Banner/Hulk causes havoc on the Hellicarrier, but how does he know that Bruce is even going to be there in the first place?)

That said, let's take a look at some of the Biggest Plot Holes in Movie History. %VIRTUAL-MtGallery-236SLIDEPOLLAJAX--224366%
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