With the release of "The Avengers," the summer movie season has officially begun. For the next four months, we'll be inundated with superheroes, explosions, reboots, sequels, guns, vampires, aliens and toys. But as the folks over at NextMovie pointed out, "inside every loud, attention-grabbing, big-budget action movie, there's also a sensitive indie just wanting to get out."

And to help illustrate the pedigreed potential of these mindless summer blockbusters, they've teamed up with graphic artist Old Red Jalopy to indie-fy the whole honkin' season.

These alternative movie posters put an emphasis on art and subtlety, as opposed to the usual badly Photoshopped assault on our senses that overuse the same metallic font. These are summer blockbusters that look like they belong with the Criterion Collection (ignoring the fact that Michael Bay's "Armageddon" actually is part of the Criterion Collection).

Check out some of our favorite indie-fied summer blockbusters below. For the rest of the gallery, head over to NextMovie.

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