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When Clay, Michael, Andrew and director Sam Kuhn get together, it's good times. These Portland, Oregon pals are all about the fun. They're goofy, outgoing and resourceful when it comes to their adventures. You don't know these guys ... but you sorta do. They are the template for that part of your life where you do things just because you can. They don't have much money, but their vacation looks way more fun than anything you've done lately. They're young, but savvy enough to play know how to piece together a hilarious doc. Their latest mission: finding Tim Truelove in "Finding Truelove."

Everything starts at their local Value Village, where they discover a lonesome school yearbook among a library of castoffs. It seems that this 1990 social artifact from Chico, California is a lot more that mullets, killer hot babes and funny glasses -- it becomes an infatuation. For these guys, the yearbook with the cryptic word 'Caduceus' on the cover becomes a kind of a Bible. Stories are concocted about pretty girls in band class. Narratives are spun for the good-looking jocks. But the most fascinating student of them all (to this particular group of guys) is an guy by the name of Timothy Truelove.

Four years after the discovery of Caduceus, the boys from Portland stumble upon a Facebook page set up to celebrate their treasured fantasy -- the Chico High Class of 1990 20-Year Reunion. The temptation is too great, so the guys call each other, buy tickets online and jump in a custom-outfitted Econoline Camper van.

Armed with camping gear, plenty of enthusiasm and a roadtrip supply of hot dogs, this league of adventurers set out. Along the way they make a dear friend out of hitchhiker 'Bruce,' take a local safari, stop at local surftowns and even field a potentially party-ending phone call from the Chino High Reunion Committee. The scenes that make up this journey remind us that the 'getting-there' is half the fun.

"Finding Truelove" builds in anticipation when our heroes receive hints about parties and people involved in the reunion, and the film takes plenty of time to build the potential back-stories of the students found in this book.

Will they find Timothy Truelove? Will they find anyone that has played a part in their bizarre compulsion? Is there any real point to this doc other than having a good time? We certainly didn't need one.


Sun, May 6, 6:45 p.m. TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

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