It hasn't been announced yet, but "The Avengers" is getting a sequel. (You don't go breaking all those box-office records only to bow out early.)

Unfortunately, it will likely be years before Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble for another cinematic team-up. So, rather than go crazy with anticipation, why not partake in a healthy distraction, like in-depth movie geek conspiracy theories about the plot of "Avengers 2"?

It's easy to say "We want to see Spider-Man team-up with the Avengers, and then they can fight Loki and the Red Skull and the Abomination!" But that way leads to fanboy ruin. The Marvel Movieverse is heading down a clear path, and all you need to do is a little detective work to figure out their plans for the future.

Moviefone decided to put the clues together and predict the events of "The Avengers 2." We stand behind our educated guesses, so consider this the early scoop on new heroes, new villains and new hazily defined magic sci-fi MacGuffins!

SPOILER WARNING: Not surprisingly, to talk about "Avengers 2," we have to reveal the events of "The Avengers." If you haven't seen it, turn back now!

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