If the first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's newest alter-ego comedy, "The Dictator," left you wanting more, don't worry: the new red-brand one will certainly, uh ... deliver.

The new clip explains a bit more of what's happening in Cohen's upcoming parody: A tyrannical, good-time dictator (Cohen) travels to America -- "the birthplace of AIDS" -- and has his regal identity stripped from him. Then, in a "Coming to America"-esque fashion, the dictator is forced to take a menial job and prove his American-ness.

The trailer features a whole lot of 9/11 jokes, a baby delivery scene (cue the ever-so-overdone line: "That's the wrong hole!") and general envelope-pushing that we've come to enjoy from Sacha Baron Cohen. (See: Ryan Seacrest.)

Check out the red band trailer above. "The Dictator" -- with Cohen, Reilly, Ben Kingsley, Megan Fox and Anna Faris -- hits theaters May 16.
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The Dictator
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