In what may be the strangest dinner date of all time, Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan were spotted this past weekend sharing a meal and enjoying each other's company.

Yes. Woody and LiLo dined at Manhattan's haute eatery Philippe, which left us scratching our heads wondering: Is Lohan set to become Allen's newest muse?

While it wouldn't be the first time the director threw us a casting curveball -- remember Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood? -- the combo of Hollywood's consumate party girl and the eccentric moviemaker was simply too strange to ignore.

So! What did the two most dissimilar people in the world talk about on their dinner date? Below, a potential conversation.

Woody: I thought your Marilyn photographs were just terrific.

Lindsay: Thanks! Something a little different.

Woody: Photography's interesting 'cause it's a new art form and a set of aesthetic criteria have not emerged yet... Listen, I really want you starring in my next movie. You'd play a compelling female protagonist who falls in love in 1920s Portugal.

Lindsay: More European flights of fancy? I thought you were going back to New York!

Woody: I adore New York City. I idolize it all out of proportion. But this is a dynamite part! You're playing a beautiful archivist struggling with the tyrannical Dewey Decimal System.

Lindsay: What about Scarlett?

Woody: Scarlett and I had a wonderful time, but I need a new blonde in my lens.

Lindsay: Would you be in the film?

Woody: Maybe. An avuncular lemonade salesman? I'm not sure.

Lindsay: So it's not a Mariel Hemingway thing.

Woody: No. I'm thinking your paramour will be Michael Cera. Or someone who could conceivably play a young-me.
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