Captain America and company may have spent the weekend saving us from aliens, but they have nothing on the real-life heroics of Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman.

According to the Sun, Hoffman helped save an ailing jogger in London's Hyde Park last week. When 27-year-old Sam Dempster suffered a heart attack and collapsed during his morning run through the park, Hoffman, who was out walking nearby, came to his aid.

After calling 999 (England's version of 911), the "Graduate" star waited 15 minutes for help to arrive. When the paramedics got there, they performed CPR and revived the jogger.

"I have no memory of what happened. The paramedics told me I had been saved by Dustin Hoffman. It's unbelievable," Sam later told the Sun.

According to one of the paramedics, "When we were carrying the patient into the ambulance [Hoffman] walked up and said 'Great job, guys'. He really appreciated what had happened." (AP reports confirmed that the incident happened. However, Hoffman's role in it has not. The actor has yet to respond to requests for comment.)

Hoffman, whose last live-action role was in 2010's "Little Fockers," (he voiced Master Shifu in 2011's "Kung Fu Panda 2") is set to star in the upcoming drama "Very Good Girls."

[via Sun b/w Vulture]

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