Remember that time during the Oscars pre-show when Sacha Baron Cohen dumped a fake urn filled with Kim Jong-il's ashes all over a none-too-pleased Ryan Seacrest? Ryan sure does! However, it appears he can now rest easy: Over the weekend, the red-carpet host received an apology from the comedian after Seacrest's performance on SNL.

"[Sacha] comes off stage, comes over to me, breaks [out of his 'Dictator'] character and says sorry about the Oscars, it wasn't personal, very very apologetic and genuine and kind and sweet," Seacrest told E! Online.

Now that all is right in the world, Cohen and Seacrest can go on being best friends. In fact, Sacha revealed to Ryan that he was not the original urn target.

"Originally he said that they were going to spill whatever it was in that urn on George Clooney," Seacrest said. "Someone decided that wasn't a great idea because he was up for a lot of nominations, it was a big night that night. Then they somehow spun the wheel of tragedy and landed on my name."

Hey, taking a bullet for George Clooney isn't the worst thing in the world.

Now with a clear conscience, Cohen is making the rounds promoting his upcoming envelope-pusher, "The Dictator," which hits theaters May 16.

[via E! Online]

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