Twenty-seven years ago, Tim Burton directed his first full-length feature film, "Pee-wee's Big Adventure." Since then, he's navigated the streets of Gotham, climbed down the rabbit hole with Alice and traveled to the depths of Sleepy Hollow, all in the hopes of developing a unique filmmaking style and vision (one that was good enough to get him his own exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art).

On Friday, the director's creativity is on display once again, this time in "Dark Shadows." Based on the popular 1960s gothic soap, the movie stars Burton's favorite actor Johnny Depp as an imprisoned vampire who awakens to settle a score with a crazed witch (Eva Green).

Not surprisingly, "Shadows" features the typical Burton tropes fans have come to know and love: crazy hair, pale anti-heroes, partying with the undead -- all in all, a smorgasbord of gothic kookiness that can really only be described as "Burton-esque."

In honor of "Dark Shadows," let's take a look at the style and fashion behind some of Tim Burton's biggest films.

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