"The Thomas Crown Affair" was one of the most stylish movies of the 1960s -- stylish for the icy cool of Steve McQueen as the millionaire who robs banks for kicks; for the similarly frosty cool of Faye Dunaway as the investigator who plays an erotic game of cat-and-mouse with him; for the costumes of Theadora Van Runkle, who helped make Dunaway a fashion trendsetter in "Bonnie and Clyde" and did the same for her here with no fewer than 29 haute-couture outfits; for the jazzy score of Michel Legrand, including the Oscar-winning ballad "The Windmills of Your Mind"; and for the camera trickery of director Norman Jewison, the first Hollywood filmmaker to shoot heist scenes and love scenes in split-screen.

The 1968 caper flick was a favorite of both McQueen and Dunaway, as well as of moviegoers, many of whom prefer it to the similarly slick 1999 remake that starred Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. You can make the comparison yourself when the McQueen-Dunaway original comes out on Blu-ray this week. In it, you'll see many performers who went on to have celebrated careers in film and TV. Let's take a look back at the entire cast and crew of "The Thomas Crown Affair," below.

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