When uniting eight movie stars, as "The Avengers" did, it's sometimes tough to give each actor their due.

The most-gangbusters superhero film in history seemed to pull it off just fine -- after all, it did rake in a staggering $200.3 million on its opening weekend. But, if you still felt like you got cheated out of some quality time, Tom Hiddleston has got you covered.

While on the talk show Hoppus on Music, Hiddleston was asked to perform an impromptu Shakespearean monologue. (If you couldn't tell by his eloquent portrayal of the villan Loki, he is a celebrated thespian.) The star, almost without hesitation (think Ron Burgundy flute playing in "Anchorman"), stood up and performed a Globe Theater-worthy speech from "Henry V."

Just another reason Tom Hiddleston is awesome. Take a look at the video above and someone, get a Tumblr going immediately .

[via Vulture]

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