If you haven't heard of Movie Cloud, allow me to lay it out for you. Dov Simens (the world-renowned film instructor) and Derek Christopher (president of TV/Film Seminars) have set out to revolutionize the way independent films are produced, distributed, and consumed. The duo considers Hollywood to be a monopoly and claims that only 200 of the world's 50,000+ independent films are released for mass consumption each year. Movie Cloud aspires to be the home for the remaining 49,800+. While the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, independent filmmakers and fans have reason to be optimistic about what Movie Cloud represents and could ultimately become.

The tools have never been more accessible. Anyone with access to a DSLR camera, a laptop with editing software, and a few friends can go out and make a movie. The thing is, there are no guarantees that that movie is going to end up in top-tier festivals or find its way onto cable, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Movie Cloud wants to be the online destination for the independent filmmaking 99% -- a full working movie studio, a resource center that offers people the tools they need to make their own movies (including screenwriting software, budgeting software, etc.), a movie bank (for people to have access to funds to make their movies), and a social network to enable marketing and distribution.

While the video is a little... tongue-in-cheek, I believe Dov and Derek's hearts are in the right place. I also can't speak highly enough about Dov as a film instructor and motivator. If it weren't for his two-day class in New York, I never would've sprouted the cajones to produce and direct a micro-budget feature. If Dov brings the same level of enthusiasm to this new endeavor, I have no reason to believe it won't be successful. MovieCloud.com is also an undeniably killer URL. Apparently, Dov and Derek have been offered massive sums of money for the URL, but they've turned it down in order to launch Movie Cloud on their own terms as a crowdfunding effort. To me, that's just punk rock and represents everything that crowdfunding should be about.

Whoever figures out how to consolidate and successfully distribute the massive amount of independent films currently being produced stands to become wildly successful. Movie Cloud is positioning itself to have a fighter's chance, and considering that Dov and Derek legitimately want to put the power back into the hands of the filmmaker, it's at least worth checking out their IndieGoGo page for more information. Viva la indie film revolucion!
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