If you thought that Katniss Everdeen was the ubiquitous bow-slinger, well, there's another lady who'd like to give that title a shot.

Merida is the wild-haired princess of Pixar's upcoming feature, "Brave." Previously, we saw her best all the boys in an archery contest, hitting bulls-eyes and splitting arrows (sure, she didn't shoot an apple out of a pig's mouth, but it's still pretty good).

In the newest clip, Merida isn't showing off more moves. Instead, she focuses on her story-finishing skills -- which aren't too shabby either.

"Brave," starring Kelly Macdonald, Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson and Craig Ferguson, hits theaters on June 22.
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Merida (Kelly Macdonald), the impetuous but courageous daughter of Scottish King Fergus (Billy Connolly)... Read More

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