Last week, as the most glamorous cineastes walked the red carpet at Cannes, there was one star who stood out among the rest: Bill Murray. (The "Ghostbusters" actor came dressed in a multi-plaid suit reminiscent of his "Caddyshack" days. He even had a miniature camera to snap photos of the crowd.)

This shouldn't come as a surprise. What happened in France wasn't a moment of pure spontaneity; it was pure Murray. Over the years, the actor's on- and off-screen shenanigans have become legend. Whether it's crashing a karaoke session or initiating a dance circle, he knows exactly what he's doing.

On Friday, Murray's antics continue in his newest film, "Moonrise Kingdom." Here, Bill plays a shoe-throwing father of a love-crazed tween.

In honor of Murray continuing to set the curve for cool, let's take a look at the (long overdue) Bill Murray Guide to Life. Take notes, people!

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