Is an Oscar in the cards for Bill Murray?

The first trailer for the movie "Hyde Park on Hudson," which stars Murray as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has just debuted over on Yahoo.

The story follows FDR in the summer of 1939, as he and his wife Eleanor (Olivia Williams) host the King and Queen of England at their upstate New York home (a.k.a. Hyde Park on Hudson). It was the first time a reigning English monarch came to America. (The occasion was the Royals looking for FDR's support in the war with Germany.)

The story appears to be told through the eyes of Roosevelt's distant cousin, Margaret Suckley (Laura Linney), whom FDR was rumored to have an affair with. The role is a far cry from the character Murray plays in his next film, "Moonrise Kingdom."

You can watch the first clip above. "Hyde Park on Hudson" hits theaters on December 7. No word yet whether Murray dons a plaid jacket or spacesuit in the film.

[via Yahoo! Movies]
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Hyde Park on Hudson
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