Crazy things can happen when you're shooting a movie. Sometimes, your lead actor will have an ego and pout in his trailer all afternoon. Others, a set will collapse causing the director to spend more money than they had originally planned. And then there's the moment when the co-star star of your film is stabbed by a fellow cast member with a steak knife -- something that happened to Will Smith during the production of "Men in Black 3."

As Will asked Josh Brolin in the latest edition of Moviefone's Unscripted, "Why did you stab me in my knee with a steak knife in Brazil?" Brolin's response? "Because I have a drinking problem." The whole thing went down while the two were in the middle of filming "MIB3," the third chapter in the multi-million-dollar blockbuster franchise. (Luckily, the two seem to be in good spirits about the whole thing.)

To hear Brolin's full excuse explanation, check out the video above, and make sure to keep an eye out the rest of the week for more of Moviefone's "Men in Black 3" Unscripted.

"Men in Black 3," starring Smith, Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones, hits theaters May 25.
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