With "The Avengers" securing the seemingly unshakable top spot at the box office, speculation abounds for what will be included in the sequel.

But, no matter how much you let your imagination run wild, reality has done you one better: Martha Stewart wants in.

The ubiquitous host -- whose acting resume widens this month with appearances on "2 Broke Girls" and "Law & Order: SVU" -- expressed interest in assembling in the next superhero flick, after NYMag asked if Stewart had any other gigs in the works.

Her answer: "No, not right now," but then reconsidered. "Wait, I do want to be in the next 'Avengers' movie. I want to play The Hulk's girlfriend."

No word on how FILM CRIT HULK feels about this. But just picture it: Martha Stewart, looking directly into the eyes of the Hulk and saying "Avengers 2 -- it's a good thing."

[via Daily Intel]
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