Yesterday's sneak peak of our "Men in Black 3" Unscripted featured a story about Josh Brolin (accidentally) stabbing Will Smith with a steak knife in Brazil. Luckily, today's video is a little less ... violent.

During the full chat with the stars of the sci-fi sequel, they answered plenty of entertaining questions, from what Will Smith misses most about the '90s to Josh Brolin debating if he could solve a real crime to where the two would go if they had time-traveling capabilities. Yes, it's everything you ever wanted to know from two movie stars. (Also something we learned: Josh and Will have way more in common than you'd expect.)

You can watch the entire conversation in the video above. Stay tuned to Moviefone the rest of the week for more from our "Men in Black 3" Unscripted session.

"Men in Black 3" hits theaters this weekend.
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Men in Black 3
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