It appears producers are going to have to cough up some of the $1.1 billion that "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" made.

According to NBC Chicago, Gabriella Cedillo, an extra on the film, will receive $18.5 million from filmmakers after being injured on set.

The 26-year-old had originally sued Paramount and DreamWorks' Studios after suffering a head injury during filming in 2010. The accident occurred while Cedillo was behind the wheel of a stunt car, which was attached to the cable of another vehicle. However, the cable eventually snapped, slicing through the windshield and hitting her head. Despite being airlifted to a nearby hospital to undergo surgery, Cedillo ended up with permanent brain damage.

Gabriella's attorney stated that a "completely inadequate superficial weld had been applied in a failed effort to secure the bracket to the [stunt] car." According to the lawsuit, the movie studios "did everything they could to avoid payment," even after saying that they would take care of the medical bills.

"Dark of the Moon," which hit theaters back in 2010, ended up grossing the most money of the "Transformers" trilogy.

[via NBC Chicago b/w TMZ]

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