This shouldn't come as a surprise, but Will Smith really loves the '90s. After singing the "Fresh Prince" theme song on the "Graham Norton" show last week, then telling fans what he missed most about the decade, Will's now touting the importance of his hit 1991 song "Summertime"

During Moviefone's "Men in Black III" Unscripted session, "MIB" co-star Josh Brolin asked Smith, if he were to come into contact with aliens on earth, where's the first place he would take them? (Will first explained that because he has acted in so many extraterrestrial flicks, he is genuinely concerned that aliens would specifically approach him for intel.)

His answer? He'd go to "Fresh Prince" co-star and former collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff's house, where they would perform the song "Summertime." This took Brolin by surprise, who clearly doesn't know what the song "Summertime" is momentarily forgot about his favorite song. (Hey, he just hasn't listened to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince in while!)

Anyway, cue the "High-five, point-back, snap. "Pssh!"

Take a look at the video above and check back this week for more "MIB III" Unscripted clips.

"Men in Black III" hits theaters this Friday.

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