Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week"We Need to Talk About Kevin"What's It About? Tilda Swinton stars as the mother of Kevin (Ezra Miller), a disturbed young man who commits a violent Columbine-like school massacre. The film chronicles Kevin's upbringing and attempts to answer whether his mother's parenting is at fault. See It Because: While it's not an easy movie to watch -- lesser films would have laid on the Lifetime TV movie melodrama or tried to wrap it up with a simple answer -- "Kevin" is buoyed by a fantastic set of performances from mother and son. Swinton's chameleon-like ability to convey any character makes her one of the best actors working today, and the 19-year-old Miller deserves all of the critical kudos for his creepy breakout performance.

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Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week Ingmar Bergman's "Summer Interlude" and "Summer With Monika" (Criterion Collection) What's It About? In "Interlude," an emotionally closed-off ballerina tries to overcome the grief of losing her first love during a summer vacation as a youth; in "Monika," two working-class lovers leave their responsibilities behind for a carefree, nudity-filled summer before heading home and struggling to accept the grind of "adult life." See It Because: These are not "popcorn" movies, and only one of them has what you would call a "happy ending," but if you've ever wanted to get a lesson in film history (and the director that Woody Allen considers to be the greatest of all time), Criterion's Blu-ray releases give you the full story on each production and capture a 1950s Swedish summer in all its gorgeous detail.

New on DVD & Blu-ray"Coriolanus"What's It About? Ralph Fiennes directs and stars in an adaptation of the Shakespeare play concerning a deposed Roman leader, who aligns himself with a former enemy (Gerard Butler) to get revenge. Fiennes gives his movie a bloody, visceral kick by updating the story to a modern war-torn country that resembles the former Yugoslavia. See It or Skip It: See it. (Also Available on Redbox | Amazon Instant Video)

"Gone"What's It About? Amanda Seyfried tries -- and fails -- to be an action star in this lifeless thriller that's no different from a Jennifer Love Hewitt-starring made-for-TV movie. See It or Skip It: Skip it. (Also Available on Redbox DVD & Blu-ray)

"Goon"What's It About? Seann William Scott stars as a minor league hockey enforcer who means well, but is just too good at brawling; the hard-hits and crass comedy make "Goon" a worthy successor to the classic "Slap Shot." See It or Skip It: See it (Also Available on Redbox | Amazon Instant Video)

"Man on a Ledge"What's It About? It's like "The Negotiator" meets "Phone Booth": you can either predict every twist from a mile away or be flabbergasted by the lack of plausibility. See It or Skip It: Skip it. (Also Available on Redbox DVD & Blu-ray )

New to Blu-ray"Denver and Rio Grande" (1952)

"The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976)

"Run for Cover" (1955)

"Silver City" (1951)

"The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946)

New on Amazon Instant Video"Take This Waltz" (Pre-Theatrical Rental)
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