It's a familiar idea: In sci-fi scribe Alex Kurtzman's "People Like Us," Chris Pine is on a search -- but not for new life, or to boldly go where no man has gone before. Instead, he's on a quest to find his long-lost sister.

Kurtzman's decidedly different directorial debut imagines two siblings who were unaware of each other's existence until their father died. His last wish is for Sam (Pine) to track down his unknown sister, Frankie (Banks), and give her $150,000.

But what's a touching sibling story without a little context? In the clip above, we see Sam struggle with his tough -- but lovable -- boss (Jon Favreau) over a hefty commission that we're pretty sure has some greater significance in the movie.

You can check out the clip above."People Like Us," which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, hits theaters June 29.
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