On Friday, June 1, "Piranha 3DD" hits theaters and Video OnDemand, ready to unload another helping of nauseating gore and shameless nudity. In this second round of aquatic terror -- the first "Piranha" came out in 2010 -- the carnivorous fish descend upon Big Wet, the "adults only" water park of Lake Victoria. The only hope for salvation lies in the hands of stripper lifeguards, a sheriff with machine guns for legs and David Hasselhoff.

As ludicrous as this all sounds, "Piranha 3DD" still can't hold a candle to the most ridiculous horror movies ever made. These campy cult faves, running the gamut from B-grade to Z-grade, have featured everything from killer rabbits to killer snowmen, and include an infinite amount of grisly pitfalls surrounding sex and drugs.

So drop your high-brow pretensions for a few minutes and take a tour through the fifteen horror movies that are more ridiculous than "Piranha 3DD."


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Piranha 3DD
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Though it was once a wholesome, family-oriented attraction, a water park owned by Chet (David Koechner)... Read More

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