In some ways, the role of Lucius Fox, the sage president of Wayne Enterprises in Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy, is perfect for Morgan Freeman.

Here, Freeman is able to capitalize on the whole voice of God thing, while steering Bruce Wayne and Batman in the right direction (and outfitting him with lots of nifty gadgets).

Of course, the actor has made a career off playing such characters. Freeman, who celebrated his 75th birthday on June 1, has played God in two movies, at least, and it seems he's been around since the dawn of time. (Imagine, by the way, Morgan Freeman saying, "Since the dawn of time...")

In fact, he's only been a movie star for about a quarter-century; he didn't get his breakthrough role until he was 50, playing the pimp Fast Black in 1987's "Street Smart." And he didn't win an Oscar until his was 67, for his ringside role in 2004's "Million Dollar Baby." Yet he seems omnipresent, whether he's appearing in movies like "The Dark Knight Rises" or merely offering voiceover narration in them, like the soon-to-be-released documentary "We the People." His voice is the one we'd love to have narrating our own lives, or at least answering our voicemail calls.

In fact, it's his platinum pipes that really make all the difference. Looking back at some of the memorable lines he's uttered on film, many of them are memorable only because they passed through his golden throat. Here's a selection of some of the best (and worst) movie quotes that we remember because Morgan Freeman uttered them. (Some, naturally, are NSFW.)

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