On June 4, 1982, suburbia became infinitely creepier with the release of "Poltergeist." The landmark horror film came about when Steven Spielberg teamed up with Tobe Hooper ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre") to tell the story of a pleasant California family that gets terrorized by the ghostly spirits of the restless dead -- and an evil presence looking for some eternal torture. The film took advantage of Spielberg's blockbuster wizardry and Hooper's penchant for gnarly gore, to deliver an innovative and frightening spectacle that proved no room in your house was safe from a child-eating tree.

Not surprisingly, "Poltergeist" was a massive box-office success that went on to spawn two sequels, and turned "They're here" into one of the freakiest things you could say to someone. To celebrate the movie's 30th anniversary, we've counted down the series' scariest scenes, featuring everything from a creepy preacher to a nauseating steak with a mind of its own.


What scene from the "Poltergeist" series scared you the most?
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Strange and creepy happenings beset an average California family, the Freelings -- Steve (Craig T. Nelson),... Read More

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