Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week"Journey 2: The Mysterious Island"What's It About? Josh Hutcherson, The Rock and Vanessa Hudgens go on a "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"-ized adventure involving a missing grandfather and the works of sci-fi author Jules Verne. See It Because: It's a hokey amusement park ride of a movie, but it's headlined by three of the most crowd-pleasing family film stars working today (plus Michael Caine!); your kids will love the bubble-gum pop and you'll be relieved that it doesn't drag.

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Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week"Yellow Submarine" What's It About? The Beatles travel in a yellow submarine (oh I get it now!) to Pepperland and fight off the music-hating Blue Meanies. See It Because: If you want to see what's possible with Blu-ray's high-definition restoration process, why not try it out on a psychedelic cartoon filled lush, rainbow colors and packed with symphonic rock hits from the greatest band in the history of pop music?

New on DVD & Blu-ray"Act of Valor" What's It About? Casting real Navy SEALs in an action movie is a noble effort, but the film is a tacky mess of explosions and poor acting, making this the most expensive recruitment video ever. See It or Skip It: Skip it. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

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"John Carter" What's It About? It will never live down the infamy of its out-of-control budget and the fact that it's already become one of Hollywood's most notorious bombs, but the pulpy sci-fi adventure of a Civil War soldier caught in the middle of a Martian battle is not bad; it's just not worth the money spent on it. See It or Skip It: See it. (No seriously, it's not awful.) (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

"Machine Gun Preacher" What's It About? Making a biopic about Sam Childers, the gang biker-turned-born-again Christian and Sudanese relief worker, would have been a compelling enough story, but then producers decided to go over-the-top and turn it into a "Rambo" action movie. See It or Skip It: Skip it. (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video)

"Safe House" What's It About? Denzel Washington does another gritty action movie where he's basically an unstoppably dangerous and eternally cool superhuman. See It or Skip It: See it, if you haven't gotten enough of this schtick from "Training Day," "Out of Time," "Man on Fire," "Inside Man," "Deja Vu," "American Gangster," "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," "The Book of Eli" and "Unstoppable."

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New to Blu-ray"Blood Work"


"The Color of Money" 25th Anniversary Edition

"The Delta Force" (Walmart Exclusive)

"Erin Brockovich"

"For the Love of Benji"

"Hondo" (1953)

"Hoosiers" 25th Anniversary Edition

The "John Wayne Collection" ("The Dawn Rider"/ "The Hurricane Express" / "McLintock!" / "The Star Packer" / "Texas Terror" / "The Trail Beyond" / "John Wayne: American Hero of the Movies")

"Missing in Action" & "Missing in Action 2: The Beginning" (Walmart Exclusive)

"A Perfect World"

"Ransom" 15th Anniversary Edition

"Sea of Love"

"Scent of a Woman"

"Smokey and the Bandit"

"The Sting" Collector's Edition

"Under African Skies" Graceland 25th Anniversary Film

"U.S. Marshals"

New on Redbox"Billy Madison"

"A Little Bit of Heaven"
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