Ridley Scott's newest movie "Prometheus" -- opening this Friday, June 8 -- marks a return to the world of "Alien." Although the marketing surrounding the film's connection to the 1979 classic has been very hush-hush, the iconic imagery of "Prometheus" is an obvious throwback to the the days of Ripley: Dark gray corridors; big, slow industrial fans; beams of daylight that burst through the wall.

These motifs not only belong to the "Alien" universe, but Ridley's entire cache of films. The director's unique visual style has crafted a series of unmistakable moments that have burned themselves onto the eyes of movie lovers.

Scott's visual track record -- from "Blade Runner" to "Black Hawk Down" -- boasts an overflow of awesome shots that should be studied by anyone who wants to pick up a camera. You can check out some of his best in the gallery below.

Prometheus Movie Poster
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