"We've taken you away with us on location, but we thought today you'd enjoy having a little look inside our studio," says Peter Jackson at the beginning of a brand-new "Hobbit" production video.

Over the last several months, the director has been teasing the highly anticipated "Lord of the Rings" prequel with a series of blogs from the set. In the past, he's shown us the mountains of New Zealand, Andy Serkis directing a scene and the full-scale food preparation needed to feed the cast and crew.

In the latest blog, Jackson shows us around Stonestreet Studios, where the film is being shot. Here, we get a glimpse into the Mirkwood forrest, the production department where all the weapons are made, a huge line of trailers where the dwarves are staying, and even a few appearances by Gandalf (Ian McKellan) in full character.

Also, there's funk music and a game called nine-square!

You can check out the full video above. Keep your eyes peeled at the end for a special appearance from a well-known elf.

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," hits theaters December 14.

[via The Hobbit Facebook Page]

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