Today in unsettling Internet video news, the trailer for "Mrs. Doubtfire "has been recut as a horror film. (Because, why not?)

Besides some crafty editing and the addition of a creepy score, the only real difference between the original clip and this one is the lack of Aerosmith's "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)."

While Robin Williams' "new" Mrs. Doubtfire is no Buffalo Bill, the trailer is certainly sinister, making the original film look about as terrifying as Williams' 2002 psychological thriller, "One Hour Photo."

This isn't the first time a children's movie has been recut as a scary flick. A few years ago a horror "Mary Poppins" trailer, entitled "Scary Mary," showed us all that there's just something off about a babysitter who travels by umbrella.

You can check out the horror "Mrs. Doubtfire" video above. And you prefer the funnier version of Robin Williams, don't worry: His next film, "The Wedding," is a comedy and hits theaters this October.

[via Vulture/Matt Cherette]

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