If you've ever dreamed of making an animated LEGO version of "Inception," you may have been Incepted.

The VFX course at Staffordshire University in the UK recently created an homage to Christopher Nolan's masterpiece, made entirely out of LEGO pieces. (Well, sort of.) Though it's not quite stop-motion, you'll still see computer-generated LEGO men and women, complete with frozen expressions, being tossed around and surviving explosions in a colorful, blocky world.

The trailer has some great gags and funny nods to the nostalgic building blocks, as we see a disgruntled yellow head pop off and roll down the M.C. Escher shifting stairs, as well as a startled film crew revealed by a room-size mirror. It's also entertaining to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's famous fight scene deal with LEGO logic, which keeps the combatants and their legs stuck to flat surfaces.

This video was the result of a team project representing almost 1,000 hours of detail-intensive labor. You can see more of their CGI work here, which includes a similar LEGO-ized treatment of the first "Men in Black."

[via BuzzFeed]
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