"Happy Gilmore" is considered one of Adam Sandler's funniest films. Which is why the 1996 comedy, featuring the actor as a hockey player who decides to take up golf, is still quoted to this day -- even by fellow celebrities.

During Moviefone's latest installment of Unscripted, Sandler sat down with fellow comedian -- and now ex-SNL'er -- Andy Samberg to discuss their new film, "That's My Boy." But, the conversation soon turned to Adam's classic flicks, including "Gilmore," leading to Samberg reciting one of the golfer's memorable -- albeit, curse-filled -- monologues.

You can check out Samberg doing his best Happy impression in the video above. Stay tuned to Moviefone this week for more of our "That's My Boy" Unscripted session.

"That's My Boy" hits theaters this Friday.

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