Back in January, director Spike Lee held a Q+A at the Sundance Film Festival after the premiere of his film "Red Hook Summer." During the coversation, Lee lashed out at the studio system, admiting that he financed "Red Hook Summer" himself because "I didn't want to hear no motherf*cking notes from the studio telling me... about what a young 13-year-old boy and girl would do in Red Hook. F*ck no." (He also accused the studios of "knowing [nothing] about black people. Nothing!")

In a June interview with GQ Magazine, the fiery director doubled down on those comments.

"If I had to do that over," Lee said, "I would have just taken out a couple motherf*ckers. But I wasn't lying though!"

In addition to "Red Hook Summer," Lee also spoke about progress on the upcoming film "Oldboy." According to Spike, the American remake of the infamously brutal 2003 South Korean flick is currently "waiting for the green light." The movie, which is set to star Josh Brolin, follows the story of a man who's been locked in a hotel room for over a decade without knowing why, and his ensuing quest for vengeance. (Lee was confirmed as director almost a year ago.)

You can read more about Spike's thoughts on "Oldboy," as well as the Wesley Snipes-starring James Brown biopic that never got made, over on GQ

"Red Hook Summer," about a boy from Atlanta who spends the summer with his religious grandfather in the housing projects of Brooklyn, will be in limited release on August 10.

[via GQ]

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