What happens when you put two former SNL cast members in the same room together? In the case of Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg, you get shenanigans -- weird, goofy shenanigans. However, that didn't stop Sandler from having a moment of serious self-assessment.

When the two comedians, who star in the upcoming flick "That's My Boy," sat down for a new edition of Moviefone's Unscripted, Adam talked about what it was like being with his co-star on the set. "This is no disrespect to myself, but when there were close-ups [of Andy], it made me [think], 'Oh yea, I am a little older now.'"

Of course, the two also discussed their time on "Saturday Night Live," as Samberg revealed his all-time favorite skit (hint: it involved Will Ferrell) and his "Hanukkah Song" knowledge, while Sandler talked about a few of his most memorable characters, including Cajun Man.

You can watch the entire odd/hysterical/off-the-wall conversation between Adam and Andy in the video above. Stay tuned to Moviefone this week for more of our "That's My Boy" Unscripted session.

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