When 1980s jukebox musical "Rock of Ages" opens this weekend, it'll answer the question that has bedeviled moviegoers worldwide for three decades: Can Tom Cruise actually sing?

For what it's worth, "Ages" director Adam Shankman says he can (and without Autotune or other electronic fudging). Tom's rendition of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" has been praised by no less than Leppard frontman Joe Elliott, who was on the set when Cruise performed it.

Today, viewers will find out for themselves whether Cruise can really rock, or whether he belongs on the list of movie actors who stretched too far in trying to impress filmgoers with their golden throats. It's the kind of stretch that even some top thespians haven't been able to pull off, as you'll see in this list of 20 films featuring horrifyingly grating (or unexpectedly good) singing performances by actors not known for their vocal skills.

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