It's been quite the whirlwind for "Dancing with the Stars" champ-turned-movie-star, Julianne Hough.

After breaking onto the scene with last year's revamp of "Footloose," Hough snagged the lead in the big-screen adaptation of "Rock of Ages." In undoubtedly her most impressive role to date, she stars as Sherrie, a wide-eyed girl who hits the Sunset Strip with hopes of becoming a singer.

While Hough has been acclimated to Hollywood by now -- dating the consummate host Ryan Seacrest certainly helped ease the transition -- even she was intimidated by the star-studded cast of "Rock of Ages."

Hough explained that, she, much like her character, was in awe of Tom Cruise, who plays the fainting-inducing Stacee Jaxx.

"I'm literally meeting Stacee Jaxx for the first time and this was the first scene I ever did with Tom in the movie," she told The Boot. "I'm literally looking up [at Cruise], and when he says, 'You've got a perky heart' [and touches my chest], there wasn't a lot of acting going on because I was very nervous and I kept saying that I was messing up in the scene so we'd have to do it over and over and over [laughs] ...'One more, one more.'"

While being nervous in front of Tom Cruise might have come naturally, Hough explained that she needed some outside research for her character, namely, for her character's stripping stint.

"Yeah, [Ryan Seacrest and I] were in Miami, you walk down the street and you're in a strip club. It was fun! Might as well, right?'

"Rock of Ages" hits theaters today. You can read more of Hough's interview over on TheBoot.

[via The Boot]

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