This Friday marks the big screen debut of "Brave," the latest movie from Pixar. By this Saturday morning, we expect Princess Merida, the movie's plucky heroine, to stand alongside Wall-E, Buzz Lightyear and Nemo as a beloved audience favorite.

A new film from the animation studio is always a bright spot for audiences, which is why Moviefone has re-teamed with Dennis Culver -- the awesome artist who helped create the Nicktoon Avengers -- to imagine a summer movie season starring nothing but Pixar characters.

If you're not into this season's slate of blockbusters, maybe these re-castings of everything from "The Expendables 2" to "Magic Mike" will change your mind. Check out the gallery below to see what happens when the Pixar characters take over the summer movie season.


Want more from Dennis Culver? Check out this hilarious poster of "Community's" Dean Pelton sporting all 34 of his different costumes. The piece will be on display June 23-24, as part of PixelDrips's "Community"-themed art show in Los Angeles. (You can also get your own copy of the 34 Deans by clicking here.) %VIRTUAL-MtGallery-236SLIDEEXPAND--233381%
Brave Movie Poster
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Merida (Kelly Macdonald), the impetuous but courageous daughter of Scottish King Fergus (Billy Connolly)... Read More

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