Susan Tyrrell, cult film staple and Academy Award nominee, passed away on Sunday at the age of 67.

Although Tyrrell spent her career playing somewhat unsavory types, her talent did not go unrecognized. She made her transition from the theater to film with 1971's "Shoot Out," and, by the following year, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in John Huston's "Fat City."

She went on to star in over a dozen off-beat films, including "Angel" and "Cry-Baby."

Her health began failing in the early 2000s; she lost both of her legs due to the rare blood disease Essential Thrombocythemia. Despite her ailments, Tyrrell continued to star in movies such as "Masked and Anonymous" (2003), "The Devil's Due at Midnight" (2004) and, most recently, David Zellner's "Kid-Thing."

"Nothing was off limits with her -- she didn't mince words, she loved what she loved and she hated what she hated...She will be sorely missed," Zellner wrote.

[via AustinChronicle and Variety]

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