If you're wondering what to expect out of Steve Carell in his new movie, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World," you need only look at his previous roles.

Carell is one of Hollywood's most consistent stars. Having honed his craft at Chicago's Second City -- and then on "The Daily Show" -- Steve succeeds by hiding his comedy behind a straight man's facade. He's part of a new breed who leads with naivete and sweetness instead of the bulging muscles of the '80s and '90s (hi, Ah-nuld!), or the absurd, one-dimensional roles of the aughts (ahem, Adam Sandler). Although many of his characters endure suffering or feel "unlucky in love," what makes Carell so watchable is his perseverance. He's hurt, but he'll heal. He gets down, but he never gets out. It's predictable, but it's comfortable.

With "Seeking a Friend" hitting theaters this Friday, let's take a look at Carell's best lovable loser roles.

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