Channing Tatum's 'best story ever' is just about every male stripper's worst nightmare.

Scratch that, it actually could be anybody's worst nightmare. So, you're out on stage and ready to do your performance when you're spotted by someone you know. In Tatum's case, it's his sister along with six of her friends.

"So my first time onstage when I was a male stripper at one point in my life, I did a dance called -- it was just like a boy scout dance where I sing Camp Grenada -- with a tent behind me and I'm in a boy scout outfit. And who's in the audience is my sister. With six of her friends," said Tatum in an unaired video segment from George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

Known more for his roles in movies such as "G.I. Joe", "Step Up", and The "Vow" and less for his time dressing up as a boy scout, Tatum shared his story in preparation for his latest film, "Magic Mike", a comedic drama loosely based on Channing's time as a stripper.

No one knows for sure how Tatum's sister is handling her brother's rise to fame, but here's hoping she handles it better then when she realized her brother was a stripper.

"I think my sister ended up leaving because she couldn't watch, and then all her friends are like waving dollars and I knew I was never going to hear the end of it," said Tatum.

"Magic Mike" comes out Friday, June 29th and also stars Olivia Munn, Alex Pettyfer, and Matthew McConaughey.
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